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Cheryl Cole Let Down By Victoria Beckham

He added: I Mean Davids Mum Is Friends With Ashleys Mum. Then I was shocked by this, The Sun quoted ... weiterlesen
9.1.09 14:51

Oprah And Her Book Club Latest Target Of Patent Trolls

Having solved its first seed with Google, ICR has moved on to a target rather rich Oprah Winfrey. Un... weiterlesen
9.1.09 14:51

Jennifer Love Hewitt Having Tough Time Post Break Up

The revelation was made by a source on the set of stunners hit show The Ghost Whisperer.. Jennifer L... weiterlesen
9.1.09 14:52

Bollywood Quot Goodbye To George W Bush A Film That Makes Fun Of Him

The new film The President is Coming, uses Bushs visit to Mumbai in 2006 as a springboard for a come... weiterlesen
9.1.09 14:52

Scientology Send Off For Travolta Lad

It means there will be no mention of the air service to 16-year-old Jett, who died in a holiday home... weiterlesen
9.1.09 14:52


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